Your Complete Guide to Incontinence Products for Men and Women

Are you looking for incontinence products for yourself, your mom or dad? Well, there are a number of disposable incontinence pads and products online for both men and women. Since there are so many options out there, choosing the right product can be tricky. In this guide I will help you explore incontinence products for men and women so that you can make a well informed decision without spending much time.

Incontinence products for men

The market is brimming with incontinence products for adults Melbourne as well as women. With more choices there are more confusion when it comes to deciding upon the right product for your dear one. Some of the common incontinence supplies for men include:

  • Pull-on underwear
  • Boxers
  • Adjustable underwear
  • Adult diapers
  • Shields
  • Bed pads,
  • Guards
  • Washable incontinence products Melbourne
  • Chair pads

Each product is meant for a particular purpose or need. The kind of incontinence supply you should opt for depends on the requirement of your dear one. Another factor that can help you choose the right incontinence product for your dad is his personal choice or comfort. Some people feel more comfortable wearing a boxer while other aged men prefer putting on pull on underwear. Likewise, for night time, you can opt for bed pads while if the wearer needs to sit for long chair pads can be another choice.

Incontinence products for women

Just as in case of men, there is a huge variety of incontinence products Melbourne that are available for women. Some of the popular choices are:

Just as for men, before picking an incontinence product you need to determine the need, comfort and purpose.

Tips for choosing incontinence products for men and women


While choosing an incontinence product or Incontinence Pads Melbourne you must also consider the size. You must not ignore the importance of fit it can make all the difference. If you pick a product that is too tight it would tend to make the wearer feel uncomfortable while a product that is lose always has problems of leakage. The market present many size choices so finding the perfect fit should not be a problem nowadays.

Absorbency type

Another thing to keep in mind is absorbency type that one need. Since not all incontinence products offer same level of absorption determining absorbency is crucial. You need to decide if you want a product for light leakage issue or for maximum degree of absorbency. So take time to determine the level of absorption you need so that you can choose the best product.


Since incontinence products for men and women vary, you need to make sure you buy a supply according to the gender. Incontinence products for men come with protection up front while for women they products are differently designed. So you need to be careful while choosing product and make sure you get an appropriate supply according to gender.