Chiropractic Care Is Not Just About Back Pain

chiropractic care back painChiropractors, like those at Atlas Chiropractic Body Clinic, are medical practitioners with a specialty in the management of the neuromusculoskeletal system, or the connective tissue that exists within the skeletal, muscular, vascular, nervous and internal structures of the body. They also work on the spinal cord and related structures to maintain the proper functioning of the body.

A chiropractic definition is quite simply, a Chiropractor is a health care professional that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. They receive specialized training in manual manipulation techniques that they then apply to the spine to remove misalignments and/or to adjust the soft tissue that is affected by disease processes. Clifton hill chiro services use other diagnostic techniques as well to rule out and treat any neuromusculoskeletal disorders that might be contributing to the patient’s problems.

A chiropractor’s education will include many important life skills that he or she can then teach others. One such skill is how to evaluate and diagnose patients, which requires an education in chiropractic sciences and an understanding of the field of complementary medicine. It is important for chiropractors to understand that their job is to manage pain and to treat back ailments using non-surgical methods only. When treating patients, they are very aware that they are not to perform invasive procedures or prescribe medications.

As part of his or her training, a chiropractor will participate in courses offered by the American Chiropractic Association as well as the National Practitioner’s Clinic. The primary purpose of these courses is to provide chiropractors with knowledge of the best diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative techniques for the various types of ailments they will see. In addition to learning about the latest technologies, these programs also allow chiropractors to learn about the history of this ancient art as well as the types of treatments used by other cultures around the world.

A chiropractor must maintain a certificate from the American Board of Chiropractic Medicine and complete continuing education in order to continue his or her practice. There are numerous ways to get certified as a chiropractor, including completing an accredited chiropractic degree program. Once you have completed your chiropractic schooling, you can choose to pursue specialization by taking courses in subjects like sports and exercise, anatomy and physiology, home health care and even psychiatric or trauma management. If you are interested in adding a clinical aspect to your practice, you can take courses that focus on the application of chiropractic methods to real-life treatment situations.

Thornbury chiropractor practitioners use a variety of treatment methods in providing chiropractic care. Spinal manipulation, joint mobilization and other manual therapies are common parts of their treatment regimen. To relieve pain and promote healing, chiropractors may recommend thai massage,  acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physical therapy and pain management. In some cases, patients may also need medications to aid the healing process.

Chiropractors use chiropractic care to treat the whole person, rather than just focusing on a specific area of the body. For example, many chiropractors use gentle spinal manipulation to correct misaligned vertebrae in the neck and back. This kind of gentle treatment helps to rejuvenate the nervous system and relax muscles, allowing you to think more clearly and perform better. In addition, chiropractors may recommend vitamin and mineral supplements to help boost your immune system and give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly. To improve overall health and quality of life, chiropractors provide their patients with an array of therapeutic treatments that not only alleviate pain and discomfort but also help restore the normal functioning of the nervous system and the entire body.