Why Visit A Podiatrist And What They Do For Feet

Why visit a podiatrist

Why go to a bondi junction podiatrist? Some folks ignore lower limb pain and inflammation thinking that nothing can really be done for them, well that’s not true at all. Many problems can be relieved and even when caught early enough removed completely, some pain cannot be helped either. The fact of the matter is many issues can cause pain or dysfunction of the lower limbs. This may include arthritis, shingles, multiple sclerosis, nerve root problems, and other more serious issues.

One example would be to foot pain caused by swelling in the joint. The first thing a podiatrist will do is take an x-ray and look at the bones and structure under the feet to check for structural irregularities. If there is any swelling present, this will cause additional pressure on the joint. Sometimes, when there is swelling it can result in deformity or even disfigurement of the foot. Wearing uncomfortable, narrow shoes, special insoles, or even foot massage can increase swelling. A podiatrist will help to design a custom fitted orthotic to go over the top of the foot.

Another problem common in many patients is what is medically known as an ingrown toenail. This happens when toenails are clipped with too much pressure and pull the toenail away from the nail bed. The cause for this can be several different things such as to wearing very tight fitting shoes or even nail polish. Sometimes it can even be caused by poor biomechanics of the foot such as the foot having an unusual way of bending. When you visit a podiatrist, he or she will take an x-ray and discuss with you the best possible treatment options and what you should expect when going to the podiatrist to get your foot examined.

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There are some podiatrists who offer a special type of shoe that helps correct certain types of anatomical problems. This includes helping with bunions, corns, hammertoes and even calluses. Some of these conditions involve the foot being positioned improperly. This causes pressure to the toes and a possibility of more pain. Many times a podiatrist will recommend a set of therapeutic shoes to go along with a new pair of prescription athletic shoes.

Many times foot pain is not always caused by something physical. There are many reasons that a person may be experiencing foot pain. These reasons may include stress, improper shoe function, nerve damage or problems with the feet. In the case of nerve damage or problems with the foot the podiatrist will suggest that you see a doctor for proper diagnosis. Once the doctor has determined what the source of your foot pain is, the podiatrist will be able to make the proper treatment recommendations to help alleviate your pain.

The most common reason for a podiatrist to recommend a patient receive an arch support brace is to treat hammertoes. These conditions are caused when the top of the toenail grows too thick. This can also happen when there is an injury to the foot. The foot pain that occurs from having hammertoes can range anywhere from mild to excruciating. The podiatrist will make the patient aware of the possible treatments and advise them accordingly.